Nature always prevails.
Early morning training in Mississauga
At the foot of the DVP.
Silver Seven: The sexiest Ottawa Senators of all time

From the Ottawa Citizen, here are the “Silver (sexy) Seven”:

Tobias Lindberg

Jason Spezza

Alexandre Daigle

Carrie Underwood ‘s husband (Mike Fisher)

Erik Karlsson

Bobby Ryan

Antoine Vermette (abdominal muscles pictured above)

…Do you agree?

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A decent HDR capture of this months #SuperMoon, for a cell phone camera! #Unfiltered
A strange sight on Bloor St West, #Toronto
The view from platform 11 - restoration of the #UnionStation  train shed continues. #GOTransit  #ViaRail #Amtrack
#Sunset (at Toronto Islands)
At the #DistilleryDistrict in #Toronto
A boatload of (raw) sugar, docked St the Redpath refinery in Toronto. (at Sugar Beach)
Summer will soon give way to my favourite season, autumn! As much as I don’t want summer to end, I’m looking forward to crisp evening air, stunning colours, early sunsets and that inevitable first snowfall…